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In Stratebi, we have developed the most modern advanced Dashboards using Open Source technologies, combining high performance and low cost.

Dashboards allow flexible and intuitive visualization of the data, using all sorts of graphics, time line, maps, scorecards, alerts, etc ...

Result of the experience of several years in our development for large corporations Dashboards have become an essential tool for managers and organizations to follow the day to day running of the organization.

Dashboards are fully open and can integrate all kinds of external components: Google Maps, RSS news, Twitter, Facebook info, external sources, etc ...

Dashboards are a great strategic tool for managers and analysts today.

They have become the most powerful competitive weapon to monitor the progress of the company and the market and react quickly and effectively.

Furthermore, by identifying the KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) the organization's key corporate scorecards are implemented, following the methodology of Norton and Kaplan.

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